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 The mission of the school is to furnish the right inputs to help the children bloosom into caring and sharing individulas, equipped to make the right choices in life and grow upto be responsible citizen of the country. The school is emphasis on spiritual growth, physical growth, emotional growth, pursuit of virtues, develop creativity, develop intellecutal ability to students. We are focusing on students presence, perception, perseverence and performance.


We at Doon School of Excellence believe that each child invested to us will earn education in its finest form. Learning is a never ending process, and all students and teachers are challanged to transcend their own expectation. We have designed diverse activities to engage our students in service to the community, society and nation. Decency, esteem, competency, virtue, self- restraint, discipline, empathy, we are hoping to inculcate among students. This commencement by the school requires support and encouragement from all the parents, students and alumni. We hope this is going to be trailblazing step towards character building for our next generation.

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